"Without music, life would be an error."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Adisent will be opening for a MMA Cage Fight.

They will be playing Saturday June 26, 2010 from 6 to 645pm at the Odeum Areana in Villa Park (1033 North Villa Ave Villa Park, IL)

Come support this AMAZING UP AND COMING band.

Regular tickets range from 45$ and go up to 100$. (This includes the fight)

Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/adisent or at http://www.purevolume.com/adisent.

It is going to be an amazing show.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


As I made my descent down the stairs at the Sonic Palace Recording Studio, a sound immediately hit my ears that was so unique it seemed to encompass a personality all its own. The band Adisent was recording its first five track EP. I entered a small room filled with a bunch of magical equipment used to bring into being the completed bewitching music. Grounding my feet back to Earth, I then spotted in the corner the bass guitar player, Rov Riojas. He was sitting in a chair listening intently to his band mate and brother Dan  -- or as he is also known fondly by friends and fans as “Danny Kink.” Danny was singing the lyrics to the song “Freak Of The World” -- a song that he had personally written. Mrs. Riojas was beaming at her sons as Rov tapped his foot to the smooth beat of his brother’s voice. They looked content in their surroundings.

But it had not always been like that for boys and their family.

Originally from what would be perceived as a sunny and warm California Riverside County town there lurked an ice-cold side hidden behind the shiny exterior. The band had not always received the respect that they truly deserved. When they first began their journey towards greatness, the Riojas Family was generally unappreciated by their management, who the brothers say, would not allow Danny and Rov to play the music that represented who they are as musicians. Their former drummers, they also say, lacked heart and passion for their music and they believe were more interested in their cash payout than the music itself.

After all the trouble and heartbreak, the Riojas family came to a place where their music could be appreciated -- Chicago, IL. The boys were, at last, able to represent what they wanted to play and be the musicians that they wanted to be. In the “Windy City”, Adisent also found a valuable missing piece of their band. He is a talented drummer from the northwest suburbs -- Cody “Carnage” Billick.  Bringing Cody aboard, they feel,  finally made the band complete.

Adisent, which is derived from the word adolescence,  has an individual, almost virgin-like sound that has not been tainted by all the “BS” that can be over-dramatized by the music business in today’s music scene.  Give them a listen.  I think you’ll appreciate their music, too, and here in Chicago, give them the respect they deserve.